Facade Testing Laboratories

    Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants, Dubai 
  1. Type: Third party quality assurance for curtain walls, cladding, fenestration and facades. Full-size curtain wall testing laboratory, plus fire testing laboratory, both labs accredited to ISO 17025.
  2. Main location and branches: Dubai
  3. Started in: 1995
  4. Principal(s): Tomm Bell-Wright and Sandy Dweik
  5. Size: approx 50 people, about 12 in facade consulting
  6. Geography: All Middle East, India and Africa
  7. Range of consulting services: Specifications, design details, tender evaluation, review of shop drawings, structural calculations, method statements, technical issues, quality plans, factory and site inspections. Inspection and reporting on issues with existing buildings.
  8. Core knowledge(s): Curtain wall testing, access systems, structural glass, glazing and facade materials in general.
  9. Best known projects: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro, Motor City, Al Mafraq Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, etc.
  10. My comments: The testing premises of reference in the ME region, very well known and respected.
123 Old Broad street, London
  1. Type:  Comprehensive facade engineering consultancy services including design and testing.
  2. Main location and branchesWintech have four established offices.  The Head Office is in Wednesfield in the West Midlands (UK); the group testing laboratory in Telford (Shropshire, UK); a Research & Projects office is located in Camden, London and a Middle East Regional Office in Dubai, UAE.  They also have associate offices in Chicago and Minneapolis (USA).
  3. Started in: 1980
  4. Principal(s)Chris Macey, Greg Sinclair and Tim Cooke.
  5. Size: Circa 100
  6. Geography: Worldwide
  7. Range of consulting services:  High level Facade Engineering Consultancy, Design and Testing services.  The group undertakes all stages of new build projects from the development of facade strategies and specifications through to design, structural & thermal engineering, systems design and the provision of a range of services aimed at reducing cost, improving quality and reducing the risk of major international projects.  The group has a department specialising in the development of complex and amorphous geometry facades and grid shells, and the group laboratory in Telford undertakes a comprehensive range of development and validation testing to internationally recognised standards to demonstrate the performance and integrity of building envelopes before construction.
  8. Core knowledge(s):
    1. Façade system awareness, performance levels, modes of construction, supplier base commercial intelligence, mathematical modelling, Building Integrated Models (BIM), grid shell design.  Testing:  all types of dynamic and static performance testing of building envelope samples, AAMA on site water testing, impact testing, materials testing, whole building air pressure testing.
  9. Best known projects:  Bankside development (London), Grosvenor Waterside (London), Grange St Paul’s Hotel (London), Beethams Towers (Liverpool and Manchester), Petronas Towers (Kuala Lumpur), Cardinal Place (London), Bullring (Birmingham), Khalifa Burj Mall (Dubai), Rotunda (listed building in Birmingham), Burj Al Arab complex (Dubai), Landmark (Abu Dhabi), Civil Justice Centre (Manchester), New Parliamentary Buildings (London), Project Dynamo (Moscow), Dashwood House (London). 
  10. My comments: Great guys for testing both standard and bespoke solutions. My experience has always been good with them.


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