19 August 2010

Ideas for discussion

I plan to deal with some of these issues in the coming posts of Facades Confidential:
  • Very very hot / cold: facade design in extreme weather conditions.
  • When is a facade a lightweight facade? Beyond load-bearing and non load-bearing walls.
  • GRC vs precast concrete cladding: pros and cons.
  • Continous walls vs framed facades: what we can learn from history.
  • The balloon frame and the early days of facade prefabrication.
  • Review of books about facades.
  • Review of articles about facades.
  • Procurement methods for facades and how they affect facade design and construction.
  • Common mistakes when installing stick system curtain walls.
  • The Equitable Building in Portland: the real starting point of the modern curtain wall.
  • Greek temples: how high priests robes and sandals led to a curved stylobate.
  • Facades, roofs or both? Limits of the building envelope concept.

More will be coming. I promise to provide some structure to it all, but later! Fun and good stories always come first.

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