20 August 2010

Roof selection and details - Carles Broto

Roof selection and details
The author's name is Carles Broto from Barcelona, but sometimes he signs his books as Charles Broto.

The book is basicly a description of roof systems with many images, some sections, a projects selection and a short introduction to each chapter. It doesn't seem bad as a first introduction to the topic, but I would not rely too much on its accuracy.

Chapter 1 deals with types of roofs - nice details and clear graphic descriptions of each element. For those of us not English native, a good help indeed! Pitched roofs are described in chapter 2, covering monopitch, gable end, hipped and polyhedral roofs. Chapter 3 covers curved roofs, while chapter 4 goes for flat ones, both the walk-on and the ones with gravel finish. Chapter 5 explains the roof/facade systems, so common lately. Other types of roof (such as simmingpool, parking and green roofs) are described in chapter 6. Next one covers auxiliary elements as skylights, louvres, eaves, vents, chimney pots, gutters and drains. The last chapter describes the most common roofing materials: ceramic and slate tiles, bituminous and synthetic membranes, wood, glass and metal.

In summary: a simple writing style, no profound findings, good quality images. The price ($55) looks like a bit high to me though.


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